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Why Travel With Cash

Cash is the Perfect Travel Companion

In today’s world of proliferating payment methods, traveling with cash provides freedom to experience your trip to its fullest. The global availability of ATMs eliminates the once cumbersome elements of cash-based travel, leaving only rewards to be reaped!

Cash is reliably accepted.

The further you stray from the beaten path, the less likely merchants are to accept credit or debit cards on site. Whether it is an immigration officer collecting visa fees, a vendor at a local market, a dive shop on a distant archipelago, or a lesser-travelled backcountry trek, you don’t want to forego a unique experience just because you haven’t got enough cash on hand.

Cash keeps your trip on budget.

Paying for your trip with cash makes it much easier to stay within your set budget. When you leave your accommodation in the morning, bring only as much cash as your daily budget allows, and based on the day’s planned activities. Set aside funds for souvenirs or special finds, so you can enjoy a spontaneous purchase that makes a difference, but don’t find yourself in lots of debt when you return home.

Cash opens up discounts.

Merchants pay a fee for every debit or credit card transaction. In addition to this fee, which is usually a percentage of the total sale, they often also purchase equipment and pay annual dues. Combined, these costs quickly eat into profit margins. In an effort to curb these costs and cut down on overhead, some vendors will offer in-person discounts for cash sales. Others may charge a non-cash payment fee of several percent if you choose to use a card. Merchants are also often more willing to negotiate on cash sales than credit sales, so bring cash if you like to do a little wheeling and dealing.

Cash keeps you safe.

Schemes to steal credit cards and credit card information are numerous. Though pickpockets were once the main concern, the advent of credit card skimming machines has made it increasingly difficult to protect your card and your identity from opportunistic individuals. Plus, opportunities for data theft extend beyond the point-of-sale to customer and payment databases that may store your information for months, or years, to come.

Using cash limits your risk. There are simple strategies you can use to keep your money safe from pickpockets and thieves. In the worst-case scenario, you can take comfort knowing that your loss is limited. The individual is only able to steal what you have on hand – not the entire contents of your bank account! 

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